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A Review of Bioterra Herbs for Digestion

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For your digestion needs, are you taking any supplements to help with gas and bloating?  I recently came across BioTerra Herbs – drug-free, eco friendly, gluten free, GMO free, vegan supplements.  They do not have any HIGH Fodmap ingredients.  BioTerra Herbs makes a product they call “belch” to help relieve stomach discomfort.  The picture on the packaging alone makes you want to belch (girl with strange make-up eating a greasy ham pizza).

digestion-belch-bloating-gas-stomach-bioterraI usually try and stay away from “heavy” meals (definition – too much food at once OR meals with too much fat in one sitting) because they tend to make me sick or bring on the IBS symptoms (you guys know the deal!).  I gave the Belch supplements a whirl after a recent client dinner – a situation where I obviously have no control over the menu.  It was at a gorgeous house where the host graciously made everything herself – all very French.  If you’ve had French food before, you would know that it is indeed heavy!  Luckily she had added in some leafy greens and chilled seafood, but I was afraid of how’d I feel after the meat course.

BioTerra suggests to take 2 capsules 10 minutes after a heavy meal.  I pranced off to the bathroom when I got the chance and took the supplements.  I did feel good the next day but I am not sure if it was BioTerra or not that helped.  BioTerra suggests using this product for at least one to two weeks because that’s when “most people feel the difference in their health herbal supplements.”  I think the true test for this supplement will come in handy (those following the Low Fodmap Diet, those with digestive disorders) during the holiday season.  Why?  That’s the only time when I can think that a week or two goes by when most might have had too much food.  Otherwise this product is just really good for people who on a daily basis, choose to eat poorly, eat heavily and do not care for their symptoms.  People like us with digestive disorders that want to make a difference in how we feel are a bit more careful (at least you try most of the time – it’s a constant learning process).

Belch is a proprietary blend of Chinese Rhubarb (root & rhizome), Sparganium (rhizome), Betelnut Palm (seed), Zedoary (rhizome), and Orange (young fruit).

If you’d like to try Belch over the holidays,  you can try a 30 day supply for $19.99.  Buy them here.  Let me know how you do!

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