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Top Posts for Low-FODMAP Diet, Great for Newbies!

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Top Posts for Low-FODMAP Diet, Great for Newbies!

The low-FODMAP diet can be tricky, especially if you do not have the means to work with a Certified Nutritionist or Registered Dietitian familiar with the diet.  If you are working on your own, I have listed some of my most popular posts here to help answer your questions.

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Now read up on these!

What are other ways you can become oh-so brilliant when following this diet?  

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Here’s to your health!

Colleen Francioli, Certified Nutritionist & Founder

colleen frnacioli


    • Colleen

      Hi Fernanda,
      Not that I know of yet. I am learning how to speak Portuguese as my husband is Brazilian so maybe we should make some of our handouts in different languages – great future project. There’s a blog called My Gut Feeling and she writes in English and Portuguese. Check it out! ~ Colleen

  1. Isabel

    I have a question: if garlic and onion are to be avoided completely. How is garlic infused oil okay?

    • Colleen

      Hi Isabel! It’s because when the garlic-infused oil is made, the FODMAPs (fructans) in garlic are water soluble so they will not leach into the oil. Thanks for your comment! ~ Colleen

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