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A Low-FODMAP ‘Bowl of Balance’

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With the sun finally rearing it’s lovely head in the UK (where have you been?!), it’s got me feeling all summery. Cue craving for all the lovely fresh seasonal foods!

When I started on the 8 week elimination stage of the low-FODMAP diet (way back when!), I received some brilliant booklets produced by King’s College, London. I’m sure the following is widely known, but the particular tip below from one of the booklets has stuck with me throughout my ‘FODMAP journey‘ – see what I did there… 😉

“Healthy eating tip:
For lunch and dinner, plan your meals so they include at least one choice from each of the following groups:

  • Carbohydrate
  • Protein
  • Vegetables”

If you’re ever stuck about what to make, or what you should be eating, the above is a great rule of thumb to go by, and means you’ll always be providing your body with the balance it needs. Before I first went to see a dietitian about my symptoms, I had been cutting out carbohydrates as far as possible, as I thought that they were causing my stomach bloating. How wrong was I! It’s no surprise that I was lacking energy and that my stomach was all over the place – depriving my body of that all important BALANCE. And now for a ‘bowl of balance’…

Low FODMAP simplicity

Low-FODMAP simplicity

  • Carbohydrate = rice – low-FODMAP
  • Protein = fresh fish – prawns – low-FODMAP
  • Vegetables = Fresh spinach, cucumber, tomato (okay, okay, technically a fruit!) – low-FODMAP

It really can be that simple… not fancy, not expensive, but hits the tasty spot (and perfect for the warmer months). The best thing? You know exactly what’s going into your body, no hidden ingredients = a happier gut!

There’s loads of carbohydrate, protein and vegetable choices for FODMAPers, so you can try out many-a different combo! For example, replacing the rice with rice noodles (ooh and a sprinkling of lemon juice) would create a different spin. Likewise, replacing the prawns with some chicken or bacon. FODMAP Life has a fab website full of advice/recipes/you name it, if you’re looking for further low FODMAP inspiration.

Happy balancing! xo

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