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How to Easily Grow and Store Green Onions

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How to Easily Grow and Store Green Onions

By Joana Oliveira

Green onion tips are a staple in a low-FODMAP kitchen. Because we cannot eat onions, green onion tips are a good flavor replacement. After buying a bunch, they often go bad because they have to be used fast. These tips will help you save money and they’ll be available whenever you need them.

With these two fun and easy DYI tricks, you won´t need to buy green onions again!


  1. Lay several onions on a cutting surface. Using a knife, cut the white parts with the stringy root ends and set
  2. Slice the green parts, used the amount you need and freeze the rest in water bottles. When needed, shake
  3. out the right amount and return to the freezer!


Simply place the white part with roots in a jar with enough water to cover the roots and two inches of the white part. Water should be changed every couple of days. After 2/3 weeks you will see them regrow and reach a good size. They are ready to be used again!
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