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Natural Anti-inflammatories: Omega-3 fatty acids

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mackerel ( fish )

mackerel ( fish )

This week we are continuing our look at natural anti-inflammatories for those with digestive issues, including IBS, with omega-3 fatty acids.

Omega-3 fatty acids are very important in the anti-inflammatory process as maintaining healthy cholesterol levels, brain and heart health.

Most people get more than enough omega-6 in their diet, which is pro-inflammatory, but are lacking in essential omega-3s. The ideal ratio of omega 3:6 is between 1:1 and 1:4, with most people shown to have about a 1:10 with current diets.

The best way to get more of these in your diet?

Fish or krill oil: Fish and krill oils have the highest levels of omega-3 and capsules are the easiest way to take them. Eating oily fish like salmon or sardines will also give you a good dose. These oils are the preferred source of omega-3 as it has to do less converting in the body to be able to be used than plant based sources.

Chia seeds: If you are vegetarian or vegan then chia seeds are a great alternative. They are low FODMAP making them a great source for those with digestive issues. They are also nutrient dense with protein, fiber, calcium and magnesium. While they do need to do more converting in the body than fish oil, they have been shown to have good anti-inflammatory effects, by increasing ALA and EPA levels. This makes them my go-to for plant-based omega-3.

While there are other sources of omega-3 fatty acids, these are the ones I have found to be best for those with digestive issues like IBS. If you are having trouble with digesting fats or have liver issues, start with small doses spaced throughout the day and build up.

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