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What Might Be missing in Your IBS treatment – Time!

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We live in a very fast paced society, everything is now now now. We have fast food, fast internet, fast everything. And people want fast cures for their diseases. Unfortunately, this is often not possible, especially with digestive issues like IBS.

Many people start on their health journey and get discouraged quickly. I see this happen often, especially if using natural therapies. As we are treating the cause and deeper levels of the disease process, this can take longer than just one pill to fix a symptom. I often work together with the medical model to gain some quick relief for clients while working on gut repair. We all have our part to play.

The body is absolutely amazing and has intricate healing processes going on all the time, however:

ibs therapyTrue healing takes time!

Think about it, if you are 30 years old and have had a food intolerance for your whole life that is 30 years of damage to repair. Removing the food and doing an elimination diet like FODMAPs is only part of the process. Calming the inflammation and repairing a possibly leaky gut must also occur. So this will not be a quick process.

A rule of thumb I was taught by my naturopathic teachers, was one month of healing for every year of illness – that’s 30 months! Don’t get me wrong, you will get relief of symptoms before that time and you will continually feel better and better each day as you repair. But full healing can take time.

My own healing journey took a number of years. I was diagnosed with IBS at age 19 but it wasn’t until 23 that I discovered I had a dairy and gluten intolerance using a FODMAP style elimination diet. At this time I also started on a gut repair protocol to soothe and heal my inflamed gastrointestinal tract under naturopathic care. This process took the good part of 2 years before I was able to say that I was fully healed and my digestive system was functioning optimally – no more bloating, pain or diarrhea!

So go easy on yourself.

Give yourself a break and give yourself time to heal. I can say that it’s most definitely worth it!

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