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Does Your Child Have a Food Allergy? Give them a SafetyTat

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Researchers estimate that up to 15 million Americans have food allergies (re: F.A.R.E Food Allergy Research and Education) and can you believe that number is growing?  There’s still no cut and dry answer as to why more and more kids have allergies, but you have to wonder – is it the food we (children and adults in the U.S.) eat or environmental pollution that is simply weakening our guts (where most of our immune system exists) to the point where we don’t have the bacteria needed to protect us?

In the article Gut bacteria that protect against food allergies identified in Science Life, Cathryn Nagler, PhD, Bunning Food Allergy Professor at the University of Chicago commented on a study she authored about whether gut bacteria affect food allergies: “Environmental stimuli such as antibiotic overuse, high fat diets, caesarean birth, removal of common pathogens and even formula feeding have affected the microbiota with which we’ve co-evolved…Our results suggest this could contribute to the increasing susceptibility to food allergies.”

In her 2010 CNN article, Why are food allergies on the rise? Elizabeth Landau asked: “Are children not getting exposed to enough bacteria? Should they eat common allergens such as nuts and shellfish at an earlier age?”  

SafetyTat Boy
There’s so many questions when it comes to food allergies in children but thankfully there are more companies and organizations who are thinking about ways to make it easier for parents to care and protect their children. 

Now when parents can’t be with their children to monitor the food they eat, (school lunches, field trips, play dates, parties,) SafetyTat does the talking. I was pretty impressed by this bright temporary tattoo which outlines a child’s food allergy.  It’s easy to apply to a child’s arm or hand, and the tattoo acts as a visual reminder of the foods the child must avoid.

“Kids’ food allergies can be a stress for parents and caregivers,” said Michele Welsh, SafetyTat Founder. “Accidental exposure is an overwhelming fear, and SafetyTats’ tattoos provide a vibrant way to notify others of children’s potentially dangerous food allergies. Our allergy alert tattoos were developed because of customers’ feedback. As one customer said it best, ‘SafetyTat (allergy tattoo) is my voice representing me when I’m not with my child.’ ”

SafetyTats are:

  •  Waterproof/Sweatproof
  • Non-toxic
  • Latex-free
  • Hypoallergenic

SafetyTat - food allergy

If you have a child with a food allergy or know someone that does, head over to to purchase a few tattoos.  

Here are some facts and statistics from F.A.R.E.

Kids with Food Allergies is another great resource for parents.

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