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You’ll Definitely Swipe Right On The ShopWell App

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I am so excited to learn about ShopWell, “the leading nutrition app helping millions of consumers make smarter decisions about the food they eat, is launching new in-app features to make healthy shopping even easier.”

I checked out ShopWell’s new features and love the interactive wellness programs and geo-alerts that inform users of healthy food recommendations in their favorite store.  There’s also a live chat feature where you can speak with a registered dietitian.  In the app you’ll also find personalized recipes, tips and tools and instant purchases for personalized recommendations.  Here’s the press release to learn more:

Pioneering Nutrition App ShopWell Announces New Features As Mobile Health Category Continues to Experience Rapid Growth

With More Than 2 Million Users, ShopWell Introduces Live Chat with a Registered Dietitian, Wellness Programs, Geo-Alerts and Instant Purchases for Personalized Recommendations

shopwell app


(San Francisco, CA) September 28, 2016 – ShopWell Labs, Inc., a technology company that helps millions of consumers make smarter decisions about the food they eat, announced today a suite of new features that simplify finding healthier choices at the grocery store. ShopWell’s latest release includes interactive wellness programs, geo-alerts that inform users of healthy food recommendations in their store, the option to live chat with a registered dietitian and an instant purchase button, all of which encourage long-term behavior change for consumers working towards their health goals.

With the wellness-focused app trend continuing to forecast upward, ShopWell sees significant market potential for companies within the space. By combining cutting-edge technologies with personalization tools, ShopWell will look to capture additional market share with its latest features:

Wellness Programs – ShopWell’s new wellness programs offer users the opportunity to chat with a Registered Dietitian and receive personalized recipes, quizzes, tips and tools to empower them to ‘get their shopping cart fit’. ShopWell recently completed its 30-day “Healthy Heart Challenge” and will be rolling out a 14-day “Sugar Buster Challenge” in the coming weeks. The company saw a 10% decrease in the sodium-density of purchases by users who participated in its blood pressure program.

Geo-Alerts –Using geo-location technology, ShopWell will now alert users of personalized recommendations when they’re in the store. When leaving the store, ShopWell users can snap a photo of their receipt and receive a personalized shopping cart assessment and additional recommendations for their next shopping trip – making each store visit more personalized than the last.

Buy it Now – 80% of users currently look for where to purchase the products that they find on ShopWell. The new “Buy it Now” feature allows users to instantly purchase healthy recommendations from online retailer partners for at-home delivery.
“We are very excited about these latest innovations,” said Elliott Grant, CEO of ShopWell. “ShopWell’s mission is to create tools that make it easier for anyone to eat healthy. Our personalized in-store recommendations, curated wellness programs, and integration with online shopping are great examples of our commitment to pioneering ideas that make shoppers’ lives easier.”

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