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COLLEEN FRANCIOLI – Founder of BonCalme & FODMAP Life, Certified Nutritionist Consultant, Digital Health & Wellness Marketing Professional – Over the years I’ve elevated health and wellness brands to new heights through digital marketing and PR. In 2013 after I was completely fed up with my own IBS issues, I conducted much research and started a personal passion project, FODMAP Life. A cholecystectomy in 2005 and an IBS diagnosis in 2010 have meant a few years of discomfort and pain. Once the low-FODMAP diet changed my world, I wanted to help other people like myself, to feel better and achieve optimal health using food as medicine and stress relief. Changing careers to work in nutrition was on my radar so FODMAP Life turned into my becoming a Certified Nutritionist Consultant and the launch of the parent company to FODMAP Life, BonCalme (stands for “good calm”). 

Aside from having digestive trouble, I have also had an appendectomy (1999), a double back surgery in May 2013 and have had a thyroid condition since 2010 and was diagnosed in March 2014 with Hashimoto’s disease. So I have not had the best time with my health, however I am very grateful for the health I do have. My family has been an incredible support during the tough times.


As a Certified Nutritionist Consultant I love making a difference in people’s lives. I provide consulting for the low-FODMAP diet, digestive disorders, food allergies, auto-immune conditions, weight loss, meal planning/grocery shopping and personal wellness. My holistic approach focuses on the whole body – the psychological, physical and social self. Contact me today for a consultation.

jeremias francioli

JEREMIAS FRANCIOLI – Co-founder of BonCalme, MBA, CIMA – Jeremias or Jeremy as he likes to be called is the loving husband to Colleen.  Full-time as VP of sales at CNL Securities he’s all things numbers, investing and customer relationships.  When not working for CNL he uses his business and financial savvy to collaborate with Colleen on BonCalme.  He is very supportive of Colleen’s goals to help others and also enjoys learning about nutrition and health (and doesn’t realize that Colleen has swapped his Wheat Thins for a more healthier version!).  Jeremy will soon be a proud dad to their son due June 1st and Colleen definitely notices he’s “nesting” too, helping to get the house and nursery ready!  It’s a boy but Jeremy is not spilling the beans on the name just yet.  Jeremy was born in Brazil and has lived in the U.S. since the age of 16.  He enjoys surfing, watching F1 racing with Colleen, making people laugh and spending time with family and friends.

colleen jeremy thailand

Colleen and Jeremy in Thailand, June 2014

Katie Foerster

Katie Foerster

Who’s behind the gorgeous design of BonCalme and FODMAP Life?  Meet Katie Foerster.  Katie and Colleen were dorm neighbors in college and have remained close ever since.  It’s never a serious occasion when Katie and Colleen get together, as they often take turns making each other laugh uncontrollably :)

Katie has provided professionally polished designs to the Four Seasons Resorts and Hotels, Boston Bruins, the Vermont Teddy Bear Company and many others.  Katie is a Rhode Island School of Design certificate student in Graphic Design, a professional in Project Management, a successful Set & Product Stylist and efficient Photo Producer.  Katie understands all that is creative and has proven her talents in her work. She currently resides on Cape Cod, Massachusetts where she grew up.  Check out her work here:


BonCalme and FODMAP Life is dedicated to my Mother’s loving, supportive, intelligent, happy and sweet soul.  Rita was a Director of Nursing and helped thousands of patients and employees over the years, not excluding my family. If a family member was sick, close to death or in some sort of trouble, she was always there for them. She exercised, loved yoga and through the years imparted the best in eating habits for my Brother and I. I owe my LOVE for vegetables and fruit to her. My beautiful Mother died on July 25, 2014 at age 66.  My goal is to keep up the momentum of her legacy and help others.

Thumbnail for FacebookShould you have a health issue that needs immediate attention, please consult with your doctor. When looking to get a proper diagnosis for any digestive disorder or auto-immune condition consider getting as many opinions as possible.

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