Food & Symptom Diary

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Have IBS? Stop guessing and be proactive in healing your gut, body and mind.  Keep track of what you eat and drink, as well as bowel movements, any stress or IBS symptoms. Your Food & Symptom Diary will help you and your doctor, and experts in FODMAPs (like a nutritional consultant or registered dietitian) to uncover your IBS triggers!

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food and symptom diary


Everyday in your Food & Symptom Diary you will keep track of all the low-FODMAP foods you eat and drink as well as any symptoms, bowel movement types and consistency as well as any stress – on one particular day did you have a bad day at work?  Have trouble in a relationship? Have money troubles?  Receive some difficult news?  Believe it or not, stress and our environment can play a large role in how our bodies respond to and process food.  Keeping track of all of food, symptoms, bowel movements and stress puts you in control of your gut and mind-body health and allows you and your healthcare providers to come to a more accurate assessment of your triggers.  For many, a Food & Symptom Diary can speed up the process of uncovering personal triggers.  There’s less room for you to be uncertain – “was it the apple or the guacamole I had with those tortilla chips?”  Purchase and download your Food & Symptom Diary today!